A Day at the Braderie

Let’s go to the braderie!

This past week has seen completely gorgeous weather in the Netherlands and today was no exception Good thing too, because it’s braderie in Utrecht.

Today, the city of Utrecht closed down the Amsterdamsestraatweg for one of two annual spring braderieën (braderies). A braderie is essentially an outdoor market. Booths are set up by grocers and shop owners, getting their wares and goods out of the store and on the street. The absence of bicycle and motor vehicle traffic allows shoppers and onlookers to leisurely stroll down the street, looking at all of the merchandise.

Almost anything and everything can be found walking through a braderie: fresh fruits and vegetables, clothing, electronics, beauty products, pet supplies, and food and drink. One of the local pubs even set tables and chairs outside for patrons wishing to people watch and enjoy the gorgeous weather. B and I went home with a new harness and seat belt for Turner (the Netherlands is moving to back a legislation to make seat-belting your dog mandatory), a massive stash of blank DVDs for Little Broadway, and a really handsome shirt for Hubs. But, trust me, had I been with a girlfriend, my wallet would have fared far worse!

After about an hour, we stopped by a stand for delicious broodjes beenham (ham sandwiches) and a refreshing drink. We resisted the temping poffertjes stand and spotted B’s beloved lumpia cart only after it was too late (i.e. we had already gorged ourselves with the aforementioned broodjes beenham). Other delicacies included fries, waffles, ice cream, various candies, and all kinds of other eats I’m sure I missed, but I know I smelled.

Here is a link to a site with information on upcoming braderieën throughout the country. Try not to miss the one nearest you! If you’ve ever been to a braderie, please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments.

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