Would you like to do a Clogs and Tulips interview?

Clogs and Hotdogs: An Ameridutch Family Takes on the World is going to be starting an expat interview series in June 2010.

Who am I looking for?
Are you a Dutch national living or who has lived anywhere else in the world BUT the Netherlands for a spell? Are you an expat living in the Netherlands or perhaps one that lived in the Netherlands but has returned home or gone to live in another country? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are exactly who I am looking for!

And what exactly is it I want you to do?
Tell readers at Clogs and Hotdogs about your experience in the Netherlands or abroad and share a little bit about yourself. This is a great way for me to get to know you and you to get to know each other. Once you’ve contacted me expressing your interest in doing an interview, I will send you a word document file with a set list of questions for you to answer. Just fill in the form and send it back to me.

How will you know when your interview is published?
First of all, it is important for you to know that no interviews will be published until June 2010. Once you have submitted your interview, I will let you know approximately when you can expect to find it online. Once it has been published, you will receive an email from me letting you know that your interview is published and ready to be viewed.

Then email me at clogsandtulipsblog@gmail.com and get started! (although interviews won’t be published until June, the sooner you can get them in to me, the better)

See Who’s Already Been Interviewed
Thelma Mingacho, blogger
Alison Netsel, blogger at A Flamingo in Utrecht
Nicola McCall, life coach at Live Life Now Coaching
Amy, blogger at Amy in NL
Luana McLaren, blogger at La Petite Lulu
Jennifer, expat in Utrecht
Invader Stu, blogger at Invading Holland
Chiara, blogger at On The Dijk
Daniel Duclos, blogger at Ducs Amsterdam
Isabella, blogger at A Touch of Dutch
Sonya, blogger at Home Cooking with Sonya
Jules, blogger at Outside Looking In
Susy, expat in the Netherlands
Stephanie Ward, Small Business Marketing Coach at Firefly Coaching
Keith Jenkins, blogger at Velvet Escape
Fabio Tiriticco, blogger at Famsterdam Life

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  1. Thanks! It was really great meeting you as well! Will you be going along to the rechtbank tomorrow? If so, I'll see you there! And let me know if you'd like to do an interview as well!

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