Turner’s Tails: Hondenspeelweiden en toiletten

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Hi, it’s me – Turner! I’m back again to talk to you about hondenspeelweiden – that’s Dutch for dog play yard – and toiletten – that’s right, you guessed it… dog toilets! Here’s how it works:

In the city of Utrecht, all dog owners pay a dog tax. This tax covers the costs of maintaining these toilets and play yards (and clean up the mess the bad dogs and owners leave on the sidewalks, stoops, and children’s play areas).

Some of these dog areas (hondentoiletten) require that dogs keep their owners on a leash at all times. But in some of the bigger designated areas (hondenspeelweiden) that are more contained and not so close to the road, bike paths, and other social areas for the people, we can let our owners run freely. I like those the best! If your owner is found off the leash in any area other than the hondenspeelweiden you will be fined.

The city of Utrecht alone boasts almost 100 hondenspeelwieden and 400 hondentoiletten. Toilets and play areas can be found in Wijk West, Wijk Noordwest, Wijk Overvecht, Wijk Noordoost, Wijk Oost, Wijk Binnenstad, Wijk Zuid, Wijk Zuidwest, Wijk Leidsche Rijn, and Wijk Vleuten de Meern. Note: wijk is the Dutch word for district. There are certain rules all owners and dogs must abide by. To download the brochure from the Utrecht Gemeente (in Dutch), click here.

Is there a favorite hondentoilet or hondenspeelweide near you? What do you think of the system of having these areas for dogs and dog owners? Do you have a dog? Please feel free also to ask any questions and leave comments. I love to hear from you!

Join me next month when I will talk about Pet Relocation.

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4 Replies to “Turner’s Tails: Hondenspeelweiden en toiletten”

  1. hahaha that's such a cute post from Turner, and very informative for expats who are bringing their pets here or getting a new dog here for the first time !

    Nice info Tiffany 🙂

  2. I just saw one the other day on my run. At first I was like "honden" "toilet" what kind of toilet is that!? Then a second later "aha its a dog restroom"! I had no idea there was more to it then just a nice sign and area. Good to know for future dog owners, which we hope to be someday!

  3. I think that is a brilliant idea! Have a place easily accessible, all around a city, for dogs and their owners to go to for play and other needs. I wish they had more of that around here (we have two dog parks one on each far end of the city), but, alas we're too much of a car commuter city I'm afraid.

  4. @~Lopa – Thanks! Turner and I really enjoy doing these posts – hope it's helpful 🙂

    @Susan – I found out right away what they were, but for obvious reasons. Good thing you figured it out before deciding to take a stroll through lol! Good luck with the dog search!

    @Habebi – It is sooooo nice! We have one right behind our apartment. I agree more cities in the world would really benefit from it – especially in Paris!

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