A Busy Week for Clogs and Tulips!

And this is the blog entry that will do it’s best to highlight them all! 
Another Blog Award! A heartfelt Thank You to Presépio no Canal for her generous Just Read It! Award. This award was created by Presépio to acknowledge the blogs she reads that she feels are worth recommending in the hopes that we in the blogging community continue to teach and learn from one another. Thank you again so much for this award as well as your generous and much appreciated contribution to the expat blogging community. Presépio no Canal is, itself, a blog that is most certainly deserving of a thorough read! 
Expat Interview on ExpatArrivals.com! I was interviewed at the beginning of this month for the Expat Interview series on expatarrivals.com. This site aims to prepare expats for relocation to a host of countries worldwide. Each country has it’s own page offering information on moving; essential info; money, banking and taxes; healthcare; working; culture shock; cost of living; shipping and removals; frequently asked questions; and the major cities. There is also a collection of articles and expat interviews. Click here to read “Interview with Tiffany J – pilot’s daughter that landed in Holland.”
A Shout-Out from Expat Women! 16 January 2010 marked the third birthday of Expat Women. As part of their birthday celebration, they sent emails to each of the 1,000+ bloggers listed in their blog directory asking them to leave a shout-out on their blog in honor of Expat Women’s birthday. One blogger was to be randomly selected to win a US$100 gift certificate to Amazon.com. Unfortunately, I was not selected for the prize, but I did get a shout-out to my blog Clogs and Tulips: An American in Holland from Expat Women for having the most comprehensive birthday shout-out! Click here to read my shout-out and here to read theirs. What a lovely way to end the week!

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5 Replies to “A Busy Week for Clogs and Tulips!”

  1. Hello T.

    Thank you for your kind words! I like very much of your blog!
    Congratulations also for your interview!
    I share the same points of view 😉
    Learning the language is important! I am trying now a new tecnique, reading what the dutch says about my country and translate short stories, like the one of the Nederlander writer Tessa de Loo about her travels in Portugal (where she lives by the way). I find it interessante and it helps me with the language, more woords, etc…

    Have a nice week end 😉

    Ah, I bring also my cat from Portugal!
    Have you already put some fotos of your dog here in the blog?

  2. @Tami, Habebi & Orangesplaash – Thank you for your kind words ladies!

    @Presépio no Canal – and thanks again for the award! Very very sweet of you 🙂 That's a really great way to learn the language! I may have to give that a try. I finally found a blog of a Dutchwoman living in the US and I can't wait to sit down and read it (it is in English though, so that doesn't really help with the Dutch. And I do have a bit on the blog about my dog (his name is Turner)! If you go to labels and click pets, you'll find him. He's going to be writing a few guest entries on the blog as an exPET lol!

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