A Year Without Christmas

On November 19, 2009, I entered my first writing contest. I figured I couldn’t really call myself a writer until I entered one.

The contest was for Cynic Online Magazine, a publication that does what it can to live up to it’s name. Cynic was looking for stories involving the holiday season. Only this time, they wanted the real deal: mushy, heartfelt, a true embodiment of everything wonderful about this time of year.

So I sat down with my laptop and over 2,000 words later had my entry. I sent it in, not having had anyone proofread it, and waited to see what happened.

Today I received this email congratulating me for winning one of their honorable mentions!

No prize money and no judges’ feedback, but it will be published in their December issue and it can be seen online with the other winners.

Why am I writing about this here on an expat blog? Well, take some time to read the story and you’ll see…

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