Family Matters Magazine’s Pet of the Issue

Who has no thumbs and is the Family Matters Magazine pet of the issue? *this* guy!

…is Turner Jansen!

It all started when I was sent a complimentary issue of Family Matters Magazine. I subscribe to FM’s sister magazine XM. As an educator, babysitter, and one who eventually wants children, I found the information in the publication both interesting and useful. There’s other stuff in there too, so you don’t have to be a parent or educator to enjoy reading the magazine from cover to cover.

Over the summer, they began a “Pet of the Issue” series. Now, if you know anything at all about me, you’ll know that I think my dog Turner is pretty darned amazing! So, on a whim, I did a write up on him and emailed it to the magazine with a few photos.

About a week later, I had confirmation from the editor of FM that Turner would be the featured pet in the next issue. Now, at this point, it was right on the cusp of October, which was to be the very next issue. Figuring I’d missed that one, I resolved myself to waiting patiently until the next-next issue made it to the shelves (December-January). Luckily, I happened to pick up a free copy of FM at the Expatica “i am not a tourist” fair, because as I was flipping through the magazine on the train ride back to Utrecht, I spied a familiar (furry) face. Turner’s famous!

Here’s the write-up of Turner that came out in the October-November issue of Family Matters. Read and enjoy!

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3 Replies to “Family Matters Magazine’s Pet of the Issue”

  1. Shame I missed Turner's article in that issue. I happen to receive this Family Matters free (alongside XM) at home (because I'm part of a club) but because not much in it is relevant with my current life situation, I don't often browse through it and unfortunately the latest issue I received went straight to the (recycle) bin, otherwise I would have been pleased to keep the article on Turner.

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