The Halloween Spirit

Not celebrating the holiday doesn’t mean the Dutch don’t have words for it!

Halloween is coming fast! Here’s a mini Dutch-English Halloween dictionary to get you in the spirit. To hear the words pronounced in Dutch, go to Select either “Femke” or “Max” under “select a voice,” copy and paste the word you want to hear in the text box, and press “say it”!

skeleton – (het) skelet
pumpkin – (de) pompoen
ghost – (de) geest
spooky – spookachtig
spider – (de) spin
cobweb – (het) spinnerag

witch – (de) heks

vampire – (de) vampier
werewolf – (de) weerwolf
candy – snoep
October – oktober
monster – (het) monster
bat – (de) vleermuis
scary – eng
full moon – (de) volle maan
mummy – (de) mummy
autumn – herfst
costume – (het) kostuum
owl – (de) uil
night – (de) nacht
dark – donker
broom – (de) bezem
cat – (de) kat or (de) poes
darkness – (de) duisternis
tombstone – (de) grafsteen
zombie – (het) levend lijk
graveyard – (de) begraafplaats
scarecrow – (de) vogelverschrikker

Can you think of any more?

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