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I’m officially an expat blogger

I decided that since I have an overwhelming number of expat chronicles, I would start yet another blog dedicated to my adventures and observations.

Check out Clogs and Tulips: An American in Holland*

Last night, I auditioned for Divina Close Harmony, a women’s vocal group based here in Utrecht. A new friend via IWCU brought the group to my attention. She is one of their altos and the only non-Dutch member of the group! There was one audition last week and one other one coming up next week. I didn’t hear from them today, which means that they’ve chosen me over last week’s auditionee! Now I just have to wait until next Tuesday to see if I got in!

Before my audition, I watched a rehearsal and it was so much fun! I’m looking forward to making the group and doing performances, recording CDs, going on rehearsal retreats, beginning a Dutch social network and becoming a better Dutch speaker. I will be sure to let everyone know as soon as I find out!

Last week, Hubs’ company held its annual office day which, of course, he attended! The office say is an office field trip of sorts where the staff can relax, get to know each other better, try something new, and practice working together in a non-work-related environment. Past office days have included boating, BBQs, go carting, scavenger hunts, and a skit featuring me and Hubs and the office’s take on our engagement story! This year, they had a day in Amsterdam riding on Solexes (solar powered motor bikes) followed by a catered barbeque. Hubs had an excellent time and all Turner and I heard about that evening was the Solex bikes!

This Friday, Turner will be heading to Yuppie Dogs for the next 2 1/2 weeks. Hopefully there won’t be any drug busts in the areas while he’s there! This will be his first time away from home and without either one of his parents for such a long time! Be sure that I’ll be checking with Yuppie Dogs at least 10 times a day while we’re gone!

And where are we going? Saturday, we’re flying into Florida where we will spend a week in Orlando hitting up 2 of Disney’s theme parks and Universal Studios. The following Friday, we’re flying to Maryland for a busy week filled with an American Football game, Maryland Renaissance Festival, a baseball game, two weddings, and my dad’s birthday! And the Friday after our return is Driver’s License Test for Tiffany: take two!!

*Clogs and Tulips was revived as Clogs and Hotdogs in 2014

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