Do NOT Feed Your Dog Sauerkraut (trust me on this one)

Dog food = Good | Sauerkraut = Bad

Last night, we had dinner with a friend who fixed a wonderful typical Dutch dinner that included sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, ground beef and cheese.

There were 4 servings and only three people.

Since we always let Turner clean dishes and mix people food with his dog food, we didn’t think twice about laying the dish down on the floor and letting Turner eat the rest.

Thirteen vomits and a little over 12 hours later, Hubs discovered the following through a bit of online research:

Veterinarians use sauerkraut for two things:

1. Dog eats sharp object. Dog gets fed large amounts of sauerkraut which makes a cocoon around the object and allows it to pass safely out of either end of the dog.

2. Dog eats something toxic. Dog gets fed large amounts of sauerkraut which induces vomit… until EVERYTHING comes out.

However, in small amounts, sauerkraut is excellent for cleaning out your dog’s intestines.

Turner, however, does not recommend it!

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