Addendum to the last post

While explaining the situation about the 90 days to a friend, it occurred to me that if you add up all the days I visited Hubs in the Netherlands before we got married and I moved here, I’ve been here 90 days already. Of course that all depends on when they start counting the days towards my 90 and when it goes back to zero. So when do the 90 days end and when do they start again?

Apparently, once you’ve been out of the country for 3 months, your 90 days start again. For instance, I came in June of 2008 for several days. At that point, I had spent 18 days in the Netherlands. However, my next visit wasn’t until November 2008. By then, more than 3 months had ellapsed, somy 90 days started over with my November visit. So whereas we have been counting 90 days from my moving to the Netherlands on December 7, 2008, it actually started with the days I spent here in November.

Which means that we now have until February 16th as opposed to March 7th.

Last night, we payed a visit to the IND and were told that if we stick to our original plan of my leaving for the US on February 19th and staying 1-3 weeks (or until the marriage is legalized and I’m ready to apply for the residence permit), we will be fine. In short, Hubs and I had quite a panic yesterday, but fortunately nothing has changed.

On another note, we have been married for 2 months now and are just as happy as we were 2 months ago!!

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    1. But the screwed up thing is, it doesn’t work that way. The 90 days only restarts once you’ve been out of the country for 3 months. So if I had gone to the Netherlands between June and November, ALLL the days would have counted. All the way from when I first went over in November 2007.

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