We’re home!

Turning a new situation into a home

The three of us have been in the Netherlands for 4 days! Hubs is back at work and adjusting from single-life to married-and-has-a-dog-life.

Tiffany has been working on Wedding thank yous, unpacking and organizing, and trying to fill her days while Hubs is at work. As far as she’s concerned, she can’t get a job soon enough! She went to her first IWCU event and had a wonderful time!

We’re sure Turner has no idea where he is or what’s going on, but he’s being a real trooper! He follows his mommy around all day and is beginning to cling to Daddy as well. He’s definitely getting used to Hubs and picks him out at the train station way before Tiffany does!

We’re hoping to get the Christmas decorations up soon and to get started on Christmas cards. Keep checking back for pictures and more blog entries!

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